TCI Premia Canadian Momentum Equity Model Portfolio

Investment Strategy

The TCI Premia Canadian Momentum Equity Model Portfolio seeks long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equity securities of Canadian companies that are demonstrating positive momentum.

Why should I allocate capital to this Model Portfolio?

  • The Model Portfolio allows for exposure to liquid mid-cap stocks that could generate additional size factor return premia over time
  • A diversifying complement to commonly held Canadian funds, ETFs and stocks
  • Acts as a strong factor complement to commonly-held high dividend Canadian stocks
  • Provides the opportunity to navigate sentiment and economic cycle swings in a market with a high allocation to cyclical stocks
  • The Canadian momentum factor has a rich return premia history1
1 Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Latest Monthly Profile
Manager Tacita Capital Inc.
Portfolio Type SMA
Asset Class Equity
Country Canada
Factor/Style Momentum with Quality parameters
Market Capitalization Mid-to-Large Cap
Weighting Equal weight within tolerance bands
Maximum Position Weighting 10%
Rebalancing Monthly
Maximum Sector Size 6 stocks per sector
Custodian National Bank Independent Network