TCI Premia Canadian Small Cap Equity Model Portfolio

Investment Strategy

The TCI Premia Canadian Small Cap Equity Model Portfolio seeks long-term capital growth by investing primarily in small capitalization equity securities of Canadian companies that are demonstrating positive value, quality and low volatility characteristics.

Why should I allocate capital to this Model Portfolio?

  • The Model Portfolio is a strong diversifying complement to commonly held Canadian large-cap funds, ETFs and stocks
  • It presents the opportunity to invest in smaller, but established and stable Canadian companies with the potential for strong growth in profits and size
  • Stock and sector limits mitigate the risk that the Model Portfolio’s performance becomes overly reliant on any one particular stock or sector (e.g., energy)
  • While the mandate is small cap in nature, the application of the value and quality factor lenses helps to mitigate the risk of a portfolio including nascent companies with no revenue history and/or fleeting business models
  • The Model Portfolio’s lower drawdown potential compared to typical growth, sector-focused small cap mandates infers it could play a diversifying role in portfolios with existing Canadian small-cap holdings
Latest Monthly Profile
Manager Tacita Capital Inc.
Portfolio Type SMA
Asset Class Equity
Country Canada
Factor/Style Value and Quality with Low Volatility parameters
Market Capitalization Small-to-Mid Cap
Weighting Equal weight within tolerance bands
Maximum Position Weighting 10%
Rebalancing Monthly
Maximum Sector Size 7 stocks per sector
Custodian National Bank Independent Network