Why TCI Premia?

TCI Premia Portfolio Solutions are designed to provide robust asset class and strategy diversification versus the traditional bond/equity portfolio employed by investors.

Our Pools and Model Portfolios are specifically engineered for potential outperformance and enhanced tax efficiency.

Portfolio Management Solutions

Quantamental.  Multi-factor.  Low fees.

1 Unique Approach

Our quantamental approach blends factor-based quantitative and security-specific fundamental analysis in a “best of both worlds” methodology.

2 Tax Advantaged

We incorporate tax advantages in our strategy design and implementation. These advantages can be further leveraged through an advisor’s investment tax planning.

3 Higher Return Potential

We focus on specialized strategies that capitalize on small and mid size company allocations to pursue higher potential returns. Such weightings are beyond the reach of mainstream ETFs and mutual funds.

4 Low Fee

Low fees increase the potential for outperformance. Our fees are below those of the majority of F-Class mutual funds and are competitive with specialty ETFs.

5 Evidence Based

We draw on both leading academic and industry research to combine factors in our security selection in order to increase the potential for outperformance.