Canadian VQM Equity Private Pool

Investment Strategy

The TCI Premia VQM Equity Private Pool is a multi-cap fund that emphasizes exposures to momentum, quality and value factors that academic research has associated with higher expected returns. Its portfolio role is to seek long-term outperformance while diversifying Canadian core market and dividend strategies.

Strategy Highlights

  • Momentum, value and quality factors have a robust return premia history in Canada
  • A multi-factor approach mitigates the risk of a particular factor being out of favour
  • Seeks long-term outperformance over a full market cycle
  • Strategy allows up to 10% leverage to pursue higher returns when market values are depressed

Why Choose the TCI Premia Canadian VQM Equity Private Pool?

  • Combines the potential for outperformance and diversification
  • The Pool’s capacity parameters allow for appropriate exposures to small and mid-cap stocks that can amplify factor exposures
  • The Pool’s low management fee enhances the potential for strong performance
  • Tactical opportunity today due to the Canadian equity correction
Latest Monthly Profile
Inception Date March 9, 2018
Fund Code and Series TCP201 - Series F
Fund Type Open-ended Mutual Fund Trust
Minimum Investment $10,000
Valuation Frequency Weekly
Distributions Quarterly
Redemptions Weekly
Redemption Fee None
Initial Lock-Up None
Management Fee 0.50%
Registered Plan Status TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RDSP Eligible
Performance Fee None
Manager Tacita Capital Inc.
Prime Broker National Bank independent Network
Auditor Grant Thornton LLP
Fund Administrator SGGG Fund Services Inc.
Legal Counsel AUM Law Professional Corporation
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Fund Currency Canadian Dollar (CAD)