Portfolio Solutions

TCI Premia Portfolio Solutions are managed by Tacita Capital, a portfolio and wealth management firm that was established in 2005. Tacita Capital currently manages assets in excess of $1 billion.

TCI Premia Portfolio Solutions are available to select independent advisors who are seeking advanced investment strategies for their clients’ portfolios, as well as single family offices, endowments and private foundations.

TCI Premia Private Pools

Our three Private Pools seek to outperform through superior engineering and rigorous execution.

TCI Premia Model Portfolios

Our Model Portfolios seek to outperform by exploiting market anomalies and behavioural biases.

Unlock the full power of advanced portfolio engineering.

TCI Premia Portfolio Solutions

Why TCI Premia?

In modern finance, “premia” are the potential excess returns that can be harvested through asset class and factor investment strategies.

TCI Premia Portfolio Solutions are engineered to increase the potential for superior after-tax performance while enhancing total portfolio diversification.

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