Our Firm

Our multi-Family Office serves clients who wish to preserve and grow their capital. Our goal is to fully address their portfolio and wealth management concerns so that they can enjoy the most valuable commodity of all – peace of mind.

Our Purpose

Tacita Capital was formed to bring leading-edge, customized investment and wealth management services to affluent Canadians. We follow an evidence-based investment philosophy with the objective of delivering superior long-term, risk-adjusted, after-tax returns to each client. Our aim is to deliver services of lasting value that permit our clients to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Our Clients

We manage the investment capital of a number of multi-generational families and some of Canada’s most successful professionals and entrepreneurs. Our clients share the challenges and complexities associated with preserving, growing and managing their family capital.

Our clients include multi-generational families and some of Canada’s most successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

How We Are Different

Tacita Capital is privately owned and is not associated with any public investment company.  Unlike banks and other public companies, we do not have to balance the interests of public shareholders with those of our clients. Because we are truly independent, our clients can be confident that their concerns are our first priority.

As an authentic multi-Family Office with an active founding family, we have a first-hand understanding of the issues associated with managing wealth.

Tacita Capital was formed in 2005 by Michael Nairne, a leader in the wealth management industry, and Joanne Swystun, an experienced tax lawyer.

On seeking management solutions for their own capital, they determined that the sophisticated portfolio management services available to affluent investors in the U.S. were not available in Canada. Tacita Capital was formed to bring these opportunities to affluent Canadians.

Our Family Office serves clients who wish to grow and preserve their family capital to fund their lifestyle needs and provide for their families. We provide our clients with highly customized planning and advice that addresses their more complex affairs.

We access the full universe of global investment management capabilities, including many opportunities that are not generally available to public investors. Unlike banks and certain mainstream portfolio managers, our investment solutions are not limited to proprietary funds and/or a finite solution set.

Because we deal solely with affluent families, we focus on after-tax returns. Our sophisticated approach to investing is designed to minimize tax drag and maximize after-tax performance.

The steps we take to this end include:

  • construct asset class mixes based on expected after-tax asset class returns;
  • analyze and select managers based on after-tax results;
  • allocate mandates among household members and entities to minimize tax burdens;
  • identify and make use of tax-preferred vehicles;
  • rebalance portfolios with a view to minimizing unnecessary taxes; and
  • perform timely and effective tax loss harvesting

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