Our Approach

The many demands of affluence require a sophisticated and coordinated approach.

Our Approach to Portfolio Management

Integrated Portfolio and Wealth Management

Each of our clients is unique. We provide each client with a customized portfolio and wealth management plan that we dynamically manage over time as their needs, circumstances and preferences evolve.

In designing our clients’ portfolios, we act as their outsourced Chief Investment Officer. We develop a highly diversified asset class mix of investment mandates for each client that we then fulfil through the careful selection of high-quality third-party managers, complimented by our own unique investment solutions.

Unlike many mainstream portfolio managers, investment tax management is a key component of our portfolio management service. We integrate portfolio management with broader wealth management to comprehensively address the multi-faceted challenges most affluent families face.

We apply the best practices of institutional and ultra-affluent investors.

1 Principled

We adhere to an evidenced-based investment philosophy.

Our investment principles reflect the research findings of many of the world’s leading financial academics and sophisticated investment practitioners.

2 Advanced

We use state-of-the-art modelling to engineer efficient portfolios for each client’s investment plan.

We consider the entire universe of diverse asset classes and investment strategies. We then engineer robustly diversified portfolios designed to provide clients with superior risk-adjusted long-term returns.

3 Tax-Conscious

We believe that after-tax returns matter most.

Since after-tax returns are the true measure of wealth creation, we focus on after-tax results. In managing our clients’ portfolios, we pay serious attention to avoiding unnecessary tax burdens and inefficiencies that can erode capital over time.

Taxes are often our clients’ biggest expense.

Portfolio Structure

With more capital to manage and higher taxes, affluent families need to optimize the structure of their portfolios to avoid unnecessary risks and drags on performance.

In assessing their portfolios, investors should ask themselves the following:

  • Am I amply diversified?
  • Does my portfolio have exposure to dimensions of the market that have the potential for long-term outperformance?
  • Have I rid my portfolio of all unnecessary costs?
  • Have I structured my portfolio to maximize after-tax performance?

We access the full universe of investment opportunities available from Canadian and global managers to design portfolios that seek superior risk-adjusted returns in a cost and tax efficient manner.

Many investors fail to capitalize on the full spectrum of investment opportunities available today.

The Investment Opportunity Universe

Unlike many traditional portfolio managers, we capitalize on the full range of asset classes available to affluent investors. We tailor each client’s asset mix to satisfy the specific risk and return parameters of their investment strategy.

Peace of mind is a priceless commodity.

Wealth Management Services

Our clients’ financial concerns extend beyond the performance of their portfolio and often include the following questions:

  • Will I have enough to fund my lifestyle over the long term?
  • Is my family paying needless taxes?
  • How can I help my children become better stewards of capital?
  • How can I best pass my wealth on to the next generation?

Our comprehensive wealth planning addresses these and many other client concerns so our clients can be rest assured that their affairs are in order. Our wealth management recommendations and solutions are integrated into our portfolio management. We also regularly work with our clients’ legal and accounting professionals to ensure a coordinated approach.

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